Geode Series

    Balance Glassworks is proud to present these pieces from what is undoubtedly it’s most popular collection, the Geode Series.

    Inspired by the crystal formations of the same name, these striking pieces have an optical quality not found in nature. No two Geodes are a like. Many colours, shapes and sizes are available. If you have any questions, please contact.

    Balance Glassworks is a new design company owned a. operated by Clayton Haigh and  focusing primarily on uniquely hand-made glass items for home. These smart and simple designs are functional, decorative and one of a kind. every piece is the end of a story, let Balance take you to the beginning.

    Balance is available at:

    Clayton Haigh

    Balance Glassworks

    1475 King St. W (Apt. B-#
    Toronto, ON
    M6K 1J4

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