Dunlin Decanter

    The Dunlin Decanter by Balance Glassworks. Canadian waterbird, the Dunlin, provides the inspiration for this design as well as it’s namesake.

    Ideal for serving tannic wines such as a Bordeaux or Cabernet Sauvignon, the decanter will allow your wine o properly aerate before consumption. The unique spout design is dripless and aerates the wine further as it is poured. Each decanter is one of a kind and hand crafted in Canada.

    Balance Glassworks is a new design company owned a. operated by Clayton Haigh and  focusing primarily on uniquely hand-made glass items for home. These smart and simple designs are functional, decorative and one of a kind. every piece is the end of a story, let Balance take you to the beginning.

    Balance is available at:

    Clayton Haigh

    Balance Glassworks

    1475 King St. W (Apt. B-#
    Toronto, ON
    M6K 1J4

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