This glassblower went down into the basement of his future studio. You won’t believe what happens next!

Prepare yourself for a trip through time…  These ancient catacombs have not been disturbed for centuries or since the 70s or whatever.  Actually it’s just the plumbing underneath the industrial unit I almost moved into a couple months back.  I wrote a very enthusiastic post about it when I first found it.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to check out this tomb until the owners got my money so I’ve been busy trying to get it back ever since.  Looks like I’ll have to take them to court.  What fun!  Take it from me true believers, if you ever go searching for any sort of commercial real estate, get EVERY DETAIL in writing.  Everything!  I know this seems like a given but it’s amazing how much trouble the tiniest amount of good faith can bring you.  Do NOT let them rush you either.  They want money and a signature.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Let them wait.  I’d love to warn you against the specific scum bags I’m dealing with but that might have to wait until after trial.

Looks ok from out here!  (That's it in the bottom left)

Looks ok from out here! (That’s it in the bottom left)

Hm.  That pipe looks a little rusty...  And this floor isn't really it?

Hm. That pipe looks a little rusty… And this floor isn’t really a….floor…is it?

That's worrisome...

That’s worrisome…

Oh no....

Oh no….

That shouldn't be there...

That shouldn’t be there…

Dear lord.

Dear lord.

This isn't happening...

This isn’t happening…





This has certainly been a learning experience albeit an expensive one but I’m still searching for that perfect Toronto location to bring Turnstyle Glass Studio to life!  Wish me luck!

Man, I really miss blowing glass…



Balance Glassworks

1475 King st. W (Unit B-3)
Toronto, ON
M6K 1J4

Find Balance on:


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