Things That Rule: Spaceteam

Hi there!

Just a quick post because I have something very important to tell all of you. Spaceteam is a game. Also, it is the best. You need it right now. It’s basically like a game of Simon says mixed with Star Trek mixed with, I guess… Telephone or something? And tongue-twisters? Go download it then come back.



Back? So it gives each player a control panel with a bunch of knobs and buttons on it with nonsense names like “hyper tube” and “postmodernism” (press button to deconstruct). Each player also gets an instruction to scream at the rest of their space team. It’s a matter of giving and taking instruction at the same time while your control panel sparks and falls apart and gets covered with goo and you need to be dodging asteroids, also. “Engage hydra bolt!” “Set air conditioning to 3!” “Peel Potatoes!” Etc…


Basically as a group, you sound like the climactic battle in an episode of Star Trek and it is amazing. Unfortunately for some, you need at least one friend to play (it is a SpaceTEAM after all) and they have to be in the same room as you. If you can’t find anyone though, come on over and have a game with me and Lana!

You can thank me later,

Balance Glassworks

1475 King st. W (Unit B-3)
Toronto, ON
M6K 1J4

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