New Video! Giant Lite-Brite installation: Continue?

Hi There,

I just put together a video documenting my newest installation.  Here it is!

For these over-sized replicas of the classic children’s toy: Lite-Brite, I sculpted each of the 45 pegs out of molten glass matching the original toy’s colour scheme.  The panels are constructed to match the toy assembly sandwiching craft paper between two grids of holes.  The paper acts as a barrier stopping the light inside the panels from spilling through.  Once the pegs puncture the paper, the light passes through, illuminating them.  The pattern of the holes has been changed from the original hexagonal layout.  The grid layout makes it possible to create large scale pixellated imagery.

This installation in particular simply comments on a question that any creative professional must ask themselves.  The question is often asked in times of hardship or overwhelming challenge.  Acknowledging the often child-like ideals that lead people into creative pursuits, I used icons from his childhood to pose the question and give my answer.

I’m learning iMovie as I go and having a lot of fun with it!  It is a bit of a challenge though.  Just when I got used to the old one that came with my computer a million years ago (7 years ago), Apple goes and updates it and flips the whole script!  Back to the drawing board…  Thank goodness for Youtube.

Hope you like it!


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