Crack is Whack!

Our Mayor wasn’t the only one with an alleged crack problem this week.  Down at the studio we had a crisis of our own!


The (potential) crack in question.

Last Friday we had a sensor failure on the furnace which caused her to turn off.  Unfortunately, we had no replacement for it and it is tied directly to the safety shutoff so there was no way to relight our baby (safely)!  Jesse and An tried their best to keep the glass alive with a blowtorch but it was a losing battle.  All we could do was tuck her in with some insulation and wait for our replacement part.


My dreams this week were full of images like this. (shudders)

The furnace dropped to about 540 degrees over the weekend which is a very bad thing.  Very bad.  The pot inside that contains our glass is not built to handle those kinds of drastic changes in temperature.  The root cause of our crack problem.  Once the sensor was repaired, we had the choice to bring the temp back up slowly on the off chance that the pot was still intact inside or replace everything again.  Which would suck.  We went for the slow temp raise.  We’d have to wait and see if the allegations were true.

Most of the week was spent staring at those little red numbers.  We took shifts.

Most of the week was spent staring at those little red numbers. We took shifts.  (Looking for a wedding photographer this Summer?  I’m your man!)

It took all week but we finally got our old friend back to temperature!  And wouldn’t you know it?  The crack was just in our heads!  So to speak…  Phew!


We love you Bruce. Don’t ever scare us like that again.



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  1. Sounds like you went through quite the scare with so much at stake…glad the studio is back in the game!


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