Peter Ivy!

Hey Now,

Peter Ivy came to see us! (Image “Borrowed” from Nick Chase‘s Facebook Wall)

Big news last week at Harbourfront. Glass artist and all-around awesome dude Peter Ivy came all the way to see us from Japan! And you missed it! Unless you didn’t.

From Left to Right: Peter Ivy, Benjamin Kikkert, Andrea Parsons, Jesse Bromm, Steven Fassezke, George Jae Hyun Cho, Brad Copping, Sally McCubbin, Aaron Oussoren. (Image “Borrowed” from Nick Chase‘s Facebook Wall)

He treated us to a lecture on Thursday evening and we had him in the studio for an entire three day workshop! Peter is a really interesting guy and the Japanese influence on his work is quite apparent. He makes some of the finest functional glassware I’ve ever seen. We were incredibly lucky to have him visit

Me trying not to embarrass myself bringing Peter a bit.  (Image “Borrowed” from Nick Chase‘s Facebook Wall)

Peter works the way every glassblower imagines that they work. No wasted time, no wasted heats, no wasted moves. I can’t speak for everyone, but he showed me that the way I work in my head and the way I work in reality are miles apart. It was humbling in the best of ways.

Benji and Brad soaking up one of Peter’s demos.  (Image “Borrowed” from Nick Chase‘s Facebook Wall)

Unfortunately, I had to miss our final day of instruction but I’m happy to have been there while I could to soak up as much as possible. Thanks Pete!

Some more super-fine bit-work with Peter.  Dig that hat. (Image “Borrowed” from Nick Chase‘s Facebook Wall)

(Peter Ivy‘s work is currently on display at Harbourfront Centre alongside pieces by Benjamin Kikkert, Julie Gibb and TIMIDglass in HOMECUS DOMESTICUS. A show curated by Melanie Egan.)


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