Long Time, No Blog!

Hi there! It’s been forever since I’ve updated the blog but I assure you I have a good reason. Namely, the huge effing studio rebuild we just took on at Harbourfront Centre. The studio has an interesting take on maintenance and repair in that the job falls on the constantly changing, usually untrained artists-in-residence to build and re-build all of the equipment. This is good because it forces us to teach ourselves the inner workings of this expensive and dangerous equipment if we want to continue having a functional studio to work from. Which we do. Also, I got to use a jackhammer. Which rules. Did you know you can just rent one at Home Depot and you don’t even need to show them anything but a driver’s licence?

You see that? I did that. With a jackhammer.

Even though none of us were trained in any way, Nick, Jesse, An, Steve and myself (with help from former residents: Rachel Wong and Benjamin Kikkert) managed to feel our way through it in a little under two weeks! I must admit I’m pretty proud of us. It was super intimidating at first and we didn’t know what to expect but the trick was just to dive in together and start at the start!

First things first. Gotta bust ‘er open and drain the excess glass. No fun. I think I stole this photo from Nick Chase’s Facebook.

Jesse on the Sledge. Look at that form!

So now we’re back in business with super-fresh glass in a spankin’ new furnace, glory holes and almost new annealing ovens. I can’t wait to get back into production mode again! Well, back to work!

Pretty cozy in there!












Reeeeal cozy.

Destroy and Rebuild…



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There she is! Alive and well. What a babe.

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