The Future, Now: New App tosses Instant Messaging “On its Ear”!

Montreal-based indie developer OB (Orielle-Bouche) Technologies has been developing a new app for wireless iOS and Andoid devices that is expected to turn wireless communications as we know them on their head. Literally!

We spoke with head programmer Alex Bell about how her new application works and what it will mean to users. It was all very technical but in layman’s terms, the program works something like this:

Basically the app allows users to send a text (in audio format) simply by speaking into their mobile device with their mouth in real time. Sounds like science fiction, right? There’s more. Once the message has been sent, the recipient can then send their own custom response via their mouth which is then sent directly to the initial user who is then able to listen to the reply using their device’s on-board speaker or headset. This is all accomplished in seconds thanks to what OB is calling a “cnvrstn” (pronounced: conversation).

“Come on, I have over one thousand friends. How can one app connect me instantly to all of them?”

Simple! The app randomly assigns a numerical username to each contact. OB calls it a “tlphn nmbr”. Inputting this number into the in-app keypad instantly connects users to one another in a cnvrstn. Imagine hours of back and forth text messages reduced to a 30-40 second phone call! It truly is as amazing as it sounds. We had the chance to try out the app on a number of devices and can vouch for it’s functionality. What’s more, all messages are delivered in the user’s own voice! Simply incredible.

When asked how she came up with such an idea, Alex had this to say:

“Don’t you remember telephones? From like, 10 years ago? It’s that.”

Sure Alex… telephones keep watching the skies from your hover-car…

Of course, any new technology is bound to have its detractors. In a time where every new product is meant to give us what we want only smaller, faster and in higher-definition, isn’t INSTANT messaging enough? This reporter says: “LOL!”

(Clayton Haigh is a self-professed tech-guru and spends his down time tweeting about how much he hates timeline and taking pictures of his face with his digital camera for all the world to enjoy!)


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