Innovators and Ideas: Viva Vocé 2012

Hi There!

I hope everybody is enjoying the Summer as it’s slowly threatening to leave us.  There’s still the odd scorcher left though so get off your computer and soak it up before it’s gone!  I just wanted to post a couple videos on here that I just finished up.  They’re from a few months back at this year’s Viva Vocé.  If you’re unfamiliar with the event, it’s an annual lecture series that Harbourfront Centre puts on to give some of it’s artists-in-residence a chance to share their thoughts and feelings on the state of contemporary craft’s past, present and future though their own experiences.  It also give the artists-in-residence a chance to scare themselves shit-less onstage in front of a live studio audience.  I was included in this year’s group of speakers along with jewellery designer, Adriana McNeely, textile artist, Shuyu Lu, ceramic artist, Deborah Freeman, and our featured presenter (and past HFC resident), jewellery designer, Karen Konzuk.

Now, I hadn’t had a public-speaking engagement since my grade 12 biology presentation on sickle-cell anemia and that one didn’t go so well so the pressure was definitely on here.  I did a ton of research through Toastmasters (a public speaking society) and took a lot of inspiration from The Moth (One of my favorite podcasts.  “True stories told live”).  But in the end, I found all the preparation in the world can’t get you up onstage.  You just have to let go and jump in (a couple nooner beers at Shoeless Joe’s don’t hurt either).  And you know what?  It was over before I knew it!  I think it went pretty well, too.  Especially the stories about my former boss, Angelo.  And those were only a couple of the clean ones!.  I think I could write a book on the man at this point.  I’ll have to write an entry on here one day about Angelo’s definition and usage of the term “Wedding Cock” to describe one of my punties.  But that’s for another day.

So without further ado, here is my presentation.  I had to split it into two parts to get it up on the YouTube and I added subtitles since Lana filmed it with a camcorder from the audience and the audio isn’t the best.  I’m also a bit of a mumbler as you’ll notice so the subtitles might have been necessary either way…

Alright, so I won’t be hosting The Tonight Show anytime soon.  But it was ok, non?



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