(Tentatively) Introducing: Turnstyle Glass Studio!

Turnstyle Front (Flattened)

Hi There,

Well, the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition is almost upon us again!  In fact, I’ll be setting up my both in just a few hours.  What am I still doing up?

As always, the show will set up in Nathan Philips Square on Friday morning and runs from July 5th until the 7th.  As many of you know, it’s a really enjoyable day out so I hope to see you all there!  You’ll find me at booth number 270.  I’ll be showing a number of large, new pieces from the Geodes series as well as a few small surprises.  (It’s also the perfect time to check out the sculptural work by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei which is currently on display in the reflecting pool at City Hall.  It’ll be there until August.)  This year, in addition to showing my work, I’m going to be promoting my next project.  I want to create a Toronto-based glass studio/school.

(If you’ve already been to the show and you’re visiting the site after picking up one of the cards pictured above, thanks for coming!  i realize the info on the card might have been a little cryptic so thanks for looking into it!)

I want the studio to implement a graduated training program so that absolute beginners can work their way up to an advanced skill level and then be free to rent studio time of their own.  My hope is to open glass blowing up to the large part-time artist and hobbyist community Toronto has nurtured.  Options for blowing glass part time are severely limited in Canada, especially for someone with no post-secondary training.  Glass can be very exclusory because it requires a major investment of time and money to take part.  With Turnstyle Glass Studio I hope to change that. I’ve mentioned the plan to some of you in person before and the pieces are slowly beginning to fall into place.Once the show is over I’m going to begin work on an Indiegogo crowd-sourcing campaign to help fund the project in it’s first year.  The campaign will go live in September and I’m told that confirming donations beforehand is a good way to boost interest right off the bat.  Basically, the more funding a project is able to get in the first days of it’s campaign, the more popular it becomes and the more often it pops up on the Indiegogo site.

Obviously, there is still much planning to be done.  It’s still just an idea, after all.  but a good one, I think!  I’m taking this very seriously and want to get the idea out into the ether of Toronto right away!  The show is going to be a good opportunity to reach a large number of people with an interest in supporting the arts so what better place to start?  As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve purchased all the required equipment.  The part I need help with is finding a place to set up shop!  If you’d like any more information or would like to know how to donate, please send me an email!  Also, if anyone has any advice for me on how to get this off the ground, I’d be happy to hear it!

If anything I’ve written here sounds interesting to you and you’d like to be kept in the loop on the project, please follow the social media links listed down below or send me an email at claytonhaigh@gmail.com if you’d like to be put on my mailing list!  The more people that hear about this, the better the chance of success, so please share!



Balance Glassworks

1475 King st. W (Unit B-3)
Toronto, ON
M6K 1J4


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Turnstyle Back (Flattened)

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