Toronto 2012 Blowlympics

Official Mascot of the Games

Well Folks, I’ve got the official wrap-up for the 2012 Blowlympics right here.  You’ll be forgiven if you were a little distracted by those “other games” this Summer because i’m here to give you the scoop on the true meaning of sport for 2012.  Let’s get right to it!

Event founder, Benjamin Kikkert taping up for competition.

Indeed, it was a notable year being the first.  Let me introduce you to our competitors:

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, (From Left to Right) Nick Chase,  Benjamin Kikkert, and Sally McCubbin. The Blue Team.

The Red Team: (From Left to Right) Aaron Oussauren, Jesse Bromm and Clayton Haigh. Pictured here competing in the Left-handed cup-a-thon.  Also hailing from Toronto.

A match-up for the ages without question!  Both teams had been preparing for months for their appearance on the world stage.  Who could blame them?  Tensions were high and the skill of these athletes was even higher!  With the stench of pure… competition hanging heavy at Harbourfront Centre Stadium, the opening Ceremonies commenced with much fanfare.

The crowd’s enthusiasm was difficult to contain.

And now, The results!

Left Handed Cup-a-thon

The red team took an early lead in this event.  As you know, the rules state that competitors must be seated at the bench in reverse and cups must be able to hold 4 ounces of liquid and stand on their own volition.

Young upstart Jesse Bromm pushing himself to the limit in the Left-Handed Cup-a-Thon. Sure to become a household name, the kid has a long career ahead of him.

One-Handed Bowl

The Blue team took this medal home without contest.  This beloved event forces competitors to use only one hand of their choosing and produce a bowl of the highest quality possible.  Many strategies were employed with the Blue team bringing the event to a tie.

The Judges have it! Blue Team for the win!

Gather Toss

Always a favorite, the Gather Toss requires competitors to climb the ladder and toss a fresh gather of glass (taken and passed off by their teammates) towards the scoring target on the floor below.  It was a nail-biter through and through but in the final moments, a laser-precise toss by Clayton Haigh gave the Red Team a lead that would earn them the medal.

A ten-point toss by veteran, Sally McCubbin.

Nick Chase, mid-toss.

Just to recap, this puts The Red Team in the lead 2-1.

Our lovely Scorekeeper, Lana White. Aka: Lana Filippone.

Largest Bubble Blow-Off

Team Blue had their chance to tie things up during the Largest-Bubble Blow-Off.  The rules are simple:  Two teams, 4 gathers each, one chance to blow the largest bubble possible.  It was a hard fight as our representatives risked lost teeth and carpal-tunnel syndrome for the chance to show the world what they were made of.  in the end, Team red took the medal by a slim margin negating the need for the tie-breaker event: The Freestyle Collab.

The Red Team takes a moment to taste victory.

In all, it was an event worthy of the hype.  Much thanks to Benjamin Kikkert for organizing and promoting, to official event photographers Nick Chase and Lana Filippone for documenting the event and most of all to the fans.

See you next year!


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Clayton “The Laser” Haigh showboating for the crowd


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