TOAE 2012.

That Umbrella Saved my Life!

Last weekend marked the 51st annual Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition at Nathan Philips Square and I was there for the whole sweltering show!  I wish now that I had taken more photos of the show to post here but economy of movement was a must if I planned to survive.  All the photos I’ve used here were taken by glass artist, Nick Chase and stolen from his Facebook page (don’t worry, I asked him yesterday and he says it’s ok.).  Aren’t they good? It was a great show despite the heat and the CBC warning people to stay home and I’d much rather be complaining about too much sun than too much rain!

Ceramics by Lana Filippone. Dog Party!

There were a few bumps in the road for some of us during setup on Friday and a few sad artists as a result.  This included booth space mysteriously vanishing for some and some confusion with rental equipment for others but I think they had it mostly sorted out by the afternoon.  I had no problems at all though and setup was about as easy as I could have hoped for!  I had a fantastic spot and plenty of room to spread out.  Some last-minute changes to the layout caused a few hiccups for the people around me though…

Work by my studio-mate Aaron Oussauren.

Speaking of which, I was in very good company the whole time!  My booth-neighbour Cole Swanson was there with his incredibly detailed miniature paintings.  He and his partner Tyler were so helpful during the show and I wish I could have re-payed them.  Cole was one of the very deserving 2012 award winners from the show.

Fantastic glass work by Steve Tippin. Love his stuff.

Right next door was Tracey Martin.  Tracey has a fantastic range of work from large-scale sculpture to small scale Jewellery.  She also had a very sad story when we came in on Saturday.  Apparently her entire stock was stolen from her car the previous night while she was picking up some takeout!  Some people had stories about artists (jewelers mostly) being followed after shows and robbed later on.  This sounds like it could be a similar situation since I doubt her work was in a conspicuous spot.  In total, she told me she lost about $20 000 worth of her work.  Our hearts all went out to her and she pushed on and finished the day with a smile on her face despite the tragedy.  Tracey received an award as well although I’m not sure about the name of it.  I can’t seem to find a list of the winners online anywhere.

My studio-mate Jesse Bromm doing what he loves.

Right across from me was Marcelina Salazar.  She was a sweetheart and a huge help to me as well.  Her work is super simple but incredibly comfortable.  She obviously puts a lot of thought into the functionality of her pieces.  She received an honorable mention in ceramics from the show.  Congrats Marcelina!

A big congratulations to my friends Benji Kikkert (Honorable Mention – Glass), Brad Copping (Best in Show – Glass), and Janet McPherson (Best in Show – Ceramics).  You deserve it!  I feel so lucky to have such talented friends!

Ceramics by Janet McPherson.

As for me, the show was pretty fantastic and although I received a lot of pity for not having a tent to guard against the sun, the work looked great, my trusty umbrella survived and I got a nice tan to boot!  Hope to see you there next year!


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