Balance Glassworks Demo Series Ep. 3: Candlestick (feat. Nick Chase’s feet)

Hi There!

I’ve just uploaded the newest episode of the Balance Glassworks demo series so I hope you’ll take a look!  This week I’m making one of Balance Glassworks’ new designs for 2012.  These candlesticks are a lot of fun to make.  The standout technique in this demo would have to be what’s called a “post gather”.  Gathering is the technique used to get the hot glass out of the furnace and onto the pipe.  A “post gather” is a gather taken after the “jack-line” is put in (you can see me putting the jack-line in around the 2:07 mark of the video).  It makes it a lot easier to form a tall, thin, organic shapes like these by letting gravity do most of the work (3:27).  Keep a look out for Nick Chase’s stupid feet in this one too.  Here’s a link to his dumb (actually awesome) website:  This video (as well as the previous episodes) was filmed at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, ON, Canada.  Here’s the link to their new website too:  You can now find profile links to all of Harbourfront’s current residents including Nick and Myself.  Go see!  Here’s the video. Enjoy!



Balance Glassworks

1475 King st. W (Apt. B-3)
Toronto, ON
M6K 1J4

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