Update: I have a pet mouse.

Well, here he is.  The scourge of my existence up until last night:

     Would you believe this idiot managed to get his stupid tail caught in the trap?  His tail.  The joker ate the peanut butter and still he refuses to check out.    First I get a room mate I never asked for and now I’ve got a full on dependent.  This isn’t how it was supposed to be!

Just look at him.  Freeloading his life away.

Oh, and I’m also out one laundry hamper that’s been converted into a palatial estate for this little SOB.  Check it out:

Flower pot lounge, plush newspaper flooring, open concept kitchen and bath….The works!  What did this brainless waste of fur ever accomplish with his life to deserve all this!?

Look at him here!  Bounding……majestically, through the NOW magazine classified section…

He has exactly ONE week to put those classifieds to use and find himself some new digs.  Seven days then it’s out on the street!  I will not back down here.  Even if he is kinda cute….kinda.

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