The Game is Afoot.

I have a Mouse.

The greedy little devil has invaded my home, my pantry, and my dreams.  This skit from Kids in the Hall is a pretty accurate portrayal of our last few weeks together in MY apartment:



He’s taken everything from me so I can only assume he’s stealing my wireless internet signal as well.  I’m taking this opportunity to issue a fair warning:


Dear sir (or madam),

Tonight is the night.  I’ve tried reasoning with you to no avail.  You leave me no choice and my condolences go out to your friends and family.  You have 1 hour to vacate the premises.  Failure to do so will result in drastic actions on my part.  I hope peanut butter will be sufficient as your final meal.

Your unwilling roomate,

Balance Glassworks


“Now I wait…..”

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