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I was flipping through someof my old notebooks yesterday and stumbled on something I wrote way back when.  Sort of a mission statement for what I hope to do with Balance Glassworks.  At the same time, I’ve been thinking that I should make use of this blog so that people don’t get the impression that it’s just abandoned and floating out there on the internet (IN the internet?).  So I figured what better place to start (again) than at the beginning?  Here’s what I found:

     I believe it is the items used in our day to day life; the ones we use the most, that should be our most treasured.  Not our most disposable.  Somewhere along the line, the word handcrafted and even craft itself has become synonymous with words such as unaffordable, overpriced and (in some cases) even shoddy.  In my mind, these words are completely contrary to the image that craft should bring to mind.

     Balance Glassworks hopes to correct this trend by offering customers an extremely high-quality, handmade glass product worthy of it’s price tag.  A product that the owner will be proud to display in their home and feel compelled to use in their daily routine.  An item to be treasured.

     A unique, handmade product with a high standard of quality does not come cheap, to be sure.  Never has.  But an artisan must be able to combine skill, design and ingenuity in order to stay relevant in a world of increasingly well-designed disposable goods.

     With Balance Glassworks I hope to restore handmade to it’s former reputation.  Smart, simple, beautiful designs with a degree of quality not found in their mass-produced counterparts.

     The work, and care that goes into a creation of a Balance Glassworks product is apparent in the most minute detail.  You can see and feel the maker’s personal touch in each and every Balance design.  It is the human connection to the common objects in our lives that Balance hopes to reclaim.

-Clayton Haigh
Owner/Designer/Glassmaker, Balance Glassworks

     Too heavy?  Maybe.  But I like it.

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