New Blog!

New Blog!

Hi There!

Thanks for checking in on the Balance Glassworks Blog!  In my previous post I discussed the challenges I was having opening up my own studio; Turnstyle Glassblowing Studio.  Well, many of the challenges are now behind me and I’m almost ready to light the furnace!  Furthermore, I’ll be moving my Blog activity to the new Turnstyle site at  I’ve started working on a Blog there called The Glory Hole (That’s the name of a re-heating oven in glassblowing speak.  I suggest you follow the link rather than googling it.) and I’ll be updating it regularly with info about myself as well as a lot more about the glassblowing world in general.  There’s lots of exciting things happening out there so I’ll have plenty of material.  While you’re there, why not checkout some beginner glassblowing courses?  Hope to see you!



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